At Synchro Wellness our passion is sharing the health and wellbeing benefits of doing super simple synchronised swimming. From babies to older people, everyone can benefit.

Liz and medals

Synchro Wellness is headed up by Liz Fitzsimons, a highly experienced synchro swimmer, choreographer and coach. Liz has had a successful career in IT and project management whilst doing synchro all the way through, swimming and coaching since 1985. Liz competes national and internationally and has a drawer full of medals at home including World Masters and European Masters gold medals.

“Synchro kept me sane all through my corporate career. It’s impossible to think about work when you’re doing synchro – it’s a great stress-buster. I love being in the water but lane swimming is not for me. Synchro is always interesting and challenging. I’m in my 50s and I am very fit and supple for my age. That’s because of synchro.”

Since 2009, Liz has also produced an annual, sell-out synchro show in the Brighton Fringe Festival, helping to keep synchro thriving in her home town of Brighton.

Liz created SynchroFitness in 2014 with Jessie Fox. Inspired to share the personal, physical and wellbeing benefits they and their sports club swimmers gain through practicing synchronised swimming, they created a fun, exercise class using basic synchronised swimming figures and formations, integrated into an aqua-type workout. They have trained instructors in the UK and US.

Synchro Wellness has been created to expand the number of class formats to offer the benefits of super simple synchro to many more people.