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SynchroFitness: fun, social and energising synchronised swimming fitness classes and events

We are delighted to announce our SynchroFitness instructor training course has been endorsed by SkillsActive with a fabulous 16 REPS points. They gave us some great feedback….

“This is an excellent submission; all of the requirements are covered in detail. The resources are produced to a very high quality (manuals, handbook and videos). The class format is fun and the workout brings a new element to aqua classes”

We are therefore VERY excited to get the course rolling and start spreading synchro to the masses. SynchroFitness is ever increasing in popularity and there is a big demand for fresh new exercise like this. We attract a wide range of clients and feel this a great opportunity for you as an instructor.

SynchroFit is not a typical aqua class. We use basic synchro skills and routine choreography to give a really good workout in the water, especially improving core stability, whilst engaging participants in fun and social exercise. Time flies by in a SynchroFit class.

Here’s what one of our SynchroFitties says about our classes:

“I used to do aqua aerobics but my pool was shut so I had to find something else and SynchroFitness was it. I like swimming and anything in water but I find doing lengths really boring. Aqua aerobics is fun but this is a great alternative with Busby Berkeley overtones. I like doing things I’ve never done before. From a fitness point of view I definitely feel it. It definitely challenges all your muscles and gives you a really good workout at the same time as having fun and doing these new amazing moves. I recommend giving SynchroFit a go. It’s really fun and like nothing you’ve ever done before!”

We have booked our first course in February 2015. Our course is taught over one day, you will get plenty of time in the water to learn the moves and experience being in a class yourself. So even if you don’t have any synchro experience we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge to be able to teach this class. For the assessment you will be given a piece of choreography to learn and teach and worksheets to complete. We will of course help you every step of the way.

This course is our deep water version. We are currently working on a shallow water version amongst other variations, including a SynchroFitness for over 60’s and under 16’s. This means you’ll be able to offer a wider range of SynchroFitness variations to help increase your client base. Once you are certified, you will be able to take these courses as bolt-ons without having to go through another assessment.

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