First instructor course

Wow! Two firsts in one go! Our first course AND our first male instructor.

After months of meticulous planning we sent out details of our first instructor course, sat back and waited. Its one of those moments when you think “will it work… will all that hard work pay off…”. Almost straight away Nigel’s booking came in!! We danced round my kitchen. We were properly in business.

Of course we weren’t really sitting back and waiting, we were doing lots of promo on social media, etc. We got a lot of interest from all around the UK and abroad as well. Lots of people asking for courses near them.

We had decided to keep our courses small so our instructors get a high quality and more personal learning experience so the course filled up and SOLD OUT fairly quickly – more dancing around the kitchen!

Our course day preparations were going well – we were checking and cross checking everything. We were feeling naturally a little nervous – we wanted it to go so well. We are SkillsActive endorsed and their Quality Manager, Jacqui, got it touch and said she was coming to the course. OMG! This made us feel even more nervous! In the end it was a great thing Jacqui came along.

So the first day of the course came, we had packed everything and headed to the pool. Then, guess what – parking was a nightmare! Despite leaving very early it took ages before we could unpack our cars. But we made it on time, phew! Unfortunately two of our candidates had to postpone coming on the course due to a pregnancy and flu. No worries – it would be an even more intimate event. And luckily we had invited some of our SynchroFitties and their friends to join in the classes.

The day went so well. Planning pays off because we had trouble with our music box. Luckily we had a spare, courtesy of my swimming club. Having Jacqui there was great because she was so encouraging and she gave us great feedback.

Two weeks later and were were back for the assessment day. Words cannot express how proud we felt when we watched our candidates do their own classes. They brought fresh ideas to the warm up, cool down and main section. Nigel, for instance: to help his class do a layout, encouraged them to imagine they had a 50p piece between their bum cheeks! It was such a scream! Teri had created a fantastic way of developing ones sculling technique and Annette was really good at using counts as cues.

A special mention has to go to Lisa. Most of the sessions were in the deep end of the pool and she hadn’t told us she had a fear of deep water, she had just got on and done everything she was asked to. She told us at the end of the course and we all felt so proud for her.

All for of them passed with flying colours and we celebrated with a little bubbly. We had four new instructors, all super keen to pass on the SynchroFitness love.

Our very best wishes go to Lisa, Teri, Nigel and Annette. And very special thanks to Brighton Swimming Centre who were so supportive. Our second course in coming up in the next few days in Essex and the two candidates who couldn’t join us the first time will be with us this time. And we’ve got more courses planned.

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