Instructor profile : Nigel

Nigel has a very special place in our hearts – he is our first male instructor.

Nigel is into fitness in general. He used to box, has run several marathons, loves dance and teaches boxfit and tap dance. Nigel wanted to become involved in swimming and, through life guarding, got drawn into synchro. He joined our sports club in September 2014 and now, like us, he’s totally addicted. It was only natural his next step would be to start teaching SynchroFit himself.

Nigel says “Unlike many other sports and exercise classes – you’re never to old to start synchro. The team work is great and its non-competitive. I needed to stop running after getting arthritis in my hip. Synchro has helped a great deal. In the exercise classes I teach I don’t use certain muscle groups but synchro incorporates these.”

Nigel decided to sign up for our SynchroFit instructor course because he wants to continue his professional development in the fitness industry and is very keen to help us get synchro out there to the masses.

Nigel likes a challenge. “Synchro is new to men. I really want to encourage more male swimmers to do synchro as a sport and for exercise as SynchroFitness. I am honoured to be a torch-bearer for men in synchro.”

Nigel is a Life Guard, Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 1 Swim Teacher and has Exercise to Music. He will be taking Level 2 Swim Teachers soon.

Nigel teaches SynchroFitness in and around Brighton.

Contact Nigel on 07938 533 957

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