Road to recovery

Now we all know SynchroFitness is a great way to keep fit and have fun, but did you also know it is a great way to get back into exercise following an injury? One of our class regulars, Pippa, has had knee problems, a meniscal tear, since before starting our classes. A few months ago she took the plunge and had keyhole surgery. Jessie caught up with Pippa to find out how she is doing and how SynchroFitness has helped her get back into fitness, rather quickly!

Read on to find out how Pippa got on…

When did the problems with your knee start?

March 2014 – I hit a lump of ice whilst skiing and injured my knee.

You started SynchroFitness before you had your surgery and after your knee problems started. How did your knee feel when you were exercising?

Before SynchroFitness I was unable to do any exercise as everything I tried aggravated the problem. I started coming to SynchroFitness classes about 6 months after the accident. I was nervous as felt it could cause further problems but found quite the opposite.  Within 4 weeks of starting classes the pain had reduced significantly.  Over the next 6 months the exercise strengthened my knee to the point where I questioned whether I needed to have surgery as I had no pain or symptoms.

Did any other sport or exercise cause you knee pain?

Everyday life before I started SynchroFitness was inhibited by pain.  Short walks, supermarket shops all had to be paced as I was constantly catching and twisting my knee and ended up having to take painkillers and icing my knee to help reduce the swelling and pain.

After your operation how long was it before you were back exercising?

I had an arthroscopy to repair extensive damage to my cartilage. I went back to SynchroFitness classes 2 weeks after the operation intending to do half the class but was surprised to find I was able to join in the whole class and felt fantastic having achieved that so soon. My consultant was very happy for me to start back as soon as I’d had my stitches out and said he wished more people with knee problems did this form of exercise before and after surgery as it is so beneficial for people to prepare for surgery and helps enormously with rehabilitation.

How did SynchroFitness help your recovery?

SynchroFitness has really helped speed up my recovery and my physio says that my swift recovery probably had a lot to do with the SynchroFitness classes I’ve been attending. The best thing about this form of exercise is that I’m burning more calories than exercising in a gym and toning my body without actually felling like I’m exercising. Jessie and Liz are lovely people who make the classes great fun.  I also love that whatever size, level of fitness or age you are it is suitable for everyone.

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