A thoroughly enjoyable way to exercise

Candy (back row, second from left) started SynchroFitness over a year ago with her daughter, Amy (front row left), after seeing an advert. Candy tells us about their fitness journey.

“My daughter and I both love swimming and dance and SynchroFitness seemed to be the perfect combination. We went along not really sure what to expect, but ‘in for a penny in for a pound’. The instructors were very welcoming and made us feel at ease straight away. The warm up was interesting and at the time felt quite exhausting, but I managed it and then the routine to ‘Uptown Funk’ began. It was hard going – my heart felt ready to burst because you don’t really get to put your feet down at all so your legs are always on the go. My daughter Amy, being that much younger, obviously wasn’t quite as puffed out as me, but she said it had been a struggle to keep going.

Over the next four weeks we learnt the whole of ‘Uptown Funk’ and felt a real sense of achievement in being able, with some difficulty, to swim the complete routine without stopping.

A year later, we re-visited that routine and I was very pleased to find that I had little difficulty in swimming it. So I must have improved physically, in both my cardio, stamina and muscles.

I must add, the group of participants are very welcoming to newbies too which is a nice thing as it is quite daunting to go to a class where you don’t know anyone or what to expect.

I would happily recommend SynchroFitness as a thoroughly enjoyable way to exercise.”

Candy and Amy attend classes in Brighton.

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